Out of the box is so out of date

Let Clavo show you how to stay ahead of the times

What is Clavo?

Clavo is an ecosystem comprised of tailor made solutions that are designed to help restaurants streamline their processes.


Customer Loyalty

With a custom, branded mobile app, your customers always have your latest menu; your latest offers; and the best online ordering experience!


Increase Revenue

With a seamless, streamlined online ordering system, you can maximize your online orders, saving on manpower while increasing revenue!


Employee Efficiency

When your restaurant is busy, you don’t have to designate an employee to handle telephone orders – Clavo takes care of that for you!


Grow Business

Utilizing technology to make your operations more efficient frees you up to focus on other aspects, such as growing your business.

Clavo Ecosystem

Let’s take a look at what Clavo has to offer

Clavo Online Order APP

Introducing Clavo Online Order, a POS app that handles online orders and processes them quickly and efficiently – passing them directly to the kitchen printer (or display)


Clavo Customer App

Clavo comes with a customized, branded mobile apps (for both iOS and Android) that will contain your latest menus, allow you to send special offers directly to the app, and give your customers a beautiful ordering experience

Clavo HUB

Clavo Hub is our web interface from where you can customize your menu, manage your stores and generate special offers that are sent directly to your customer’s mobile devices

Clavo Tables App

Clavo Tables is an easy to use restaurant table management application – bringing efficiency and simplicity to your table management operations.

Clavo OrderPad

Clavo OrderPad is the fastest way to handle restaurants’ orders. OrderPad enables servers to take orders directly from the table and send them to kitchen.


Clavo Waitlist

Clavo Waitlist effectively manages your waitlist operations reducing overall wait times, which in turn improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

Custom Solutions

Out of the box applications are no longer sufficient in todays modern marketplace. Let us build a custom solution for you with Clavo



The Clavo ecosystem is still growing. Our engineers are working on new apps that will help you run your business more efficiently

Clavo Customer App

This is your customized, branded mobile ordering app. Providing your customers with an easy to user interface, the app always presents them with the most up to date version of your menu, thus eliminating any customer confusion when ordering. Your customers also have the ability to receive special offers from your restaurant directly on their app. The most effective way of your customers reaching you has become the most effective way for you to reach your customers. With both iOS and Android versions of your app available to download for free, you are guaranteed to present your customers with an elegant online ordering solution.

App screen
App screen 2

Clavo Online Order

The Clavo Online Order POS application is the heart of the ecosystem. Easily installable on your existing Clover POS system, this provide a link between your customers placing online orders and your kitchen, ensuring that orders are sent directly to either the kitchen printer or display. Eliminating the need for manual intervention, and thus freeing up your employees to handle customers who are dining in, orders flow seamlessly from the mobile app to the kitchen, increasing efficiency while keeping customer satisfaction high.

Clavo Hub

Clavo Hub is a multi functional web based application, that provides, amongst other things, the ability to update your menu, manage multiple stores, analyze order patterns and even send out special offers directly to your customer’s mobile devices. Gone are the days of hoping that snail mail reaches your intended audience on time, or hoping that your email offers don’t end up in a Spam folder. Now when you have a campaign that you want to send to your customers, you are guaranteed to reach them directly – via your mobile app.

App screen 3

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